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Bibione 2019 official merchandise

Guys, we are proud of you!
Even heavy rain and strong wind couldn't stop you from playing frisbee at Bibione Beach Challenge 2019! It was a real challenge, we know that!

And we are proud to offer you a great discount for the Bibione2019 merchandise! Even shipping is included.

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About Bibione Beach Challenge
The BIBIONE BEACH CHALLENGE is an International BEACH ULTIMATE tournament 5vs5 (BULA approved) held in Italy usually over the long weekend of May 1st; Bibione is a small city close to Venice.
1/. MIXED division : a 'real' Co-Ed one so teams must be able to put on fields '3men/2women' or '2men/3women' according to rules.
2/. OPEN division.
The dates for this 14° edition are: APRIL 27 & 28th, 2019 (EBUC2019 starts Monday May 06th)
* Matches starting on SATURDAY morning April 27th 2019
* Qualification matches all day and Sunday morning
* Finals on SUNDAY afternoon April 28th 2019
About Luckygrass
Luckygrass is Moscow-based company that produces a full range of ultimate Frisbee apparel — jerseys, shorts, longsleeves, sleeveless shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings and many accessories.

Luckygrass produces sublimated apparel. You can order products with any design - a ready-made one or a design developed for you.

Luckygrass is a proud EUF partner. We are thrilled to have a long-term partnership that supports high level ultimate.
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